Morning Poll: Have Gilbert Police Gone Rogue With Medical Weed Arrests?

In the past week, Gilbert police -- under the leadership of Chief Tim Dorn -- have raided the home of a qualifying medical marijuana patient, arrested another patient, and busted up a pot-patient co-op in Tempe.

As we've pointed out, it seems the Gilbert Police Department is going rogue with its arrests of medial-marijuana patients.

As we've noted:

The [medical marijuana] law states clearly that authorities should presume weed is being used medicinally if a valid cardholder possesses less than the statutory maximum of 2.5 ounces.

Phoenix police, for instance, figure that if someone they encounter has a little weed and a valid, state-issued card, the possession is legal. That's how voters intended the law to be interpreted.

Yet Dorn sent his boys from Gilbert all the way to Tempe to hassle a guy over the legal distribution of medical marijuana -- and he refuses to talk about it.

Is the Gilbert Police Department the new medical-weed gestapo? Has the agency gone rogue with its arrests of legal medical-marijuana patients?

We want to know what you think -- cast your vote below.

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