Morning Poll: Is 13-Year-Old "Victim" of Alleged Pederast Facebook Bragger Really a Victim?

We continuously referred to a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly -- and willingly -- sexually abused by an 18-year-old man as a "victim" yesterday, and it seems we've started a bit of a debate: is the the girl really a victim.

Sheldon Raquet, 18, was booked on one count each of sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse, and child molestation for a months-long sexual relationship he had with the 13-year-old girl.

Raquet was dumb enough to proclaim his love for the girl on Facebook -- as well as post photos of the two sucking face.

Check it out here.

Raquet was interviewed by police, and he admitted to having sex with the girl. He said he knew it was illegal, but he liked her too much to worry about pesky things like her age.

The girl, it seems, was equally smitten.

Aside from the gushy back-and-forth the two exchanged on Raquet's Facebook page -- which, again, can be seen here -- she also appears to have commented on the story we posted yesterday [all sic].

"First off none of you know me or sheldon so you should probably mind your own buisness," she apparently writes. "Second off, iv always hung out with people older then me and dont like any guys in my grade. I love him and its none of anyones business but OURS!!!!"

Well, when you're 13 -- and he's 18 -- the state tends to consider it its "business," as well.

Others who've commented on the post agree with the girl, and believe she isn't a victim, rather, a "willing participant."

See the debate here.

The girl,is 13 -- which is younger than a few tee-shirts in our dresser -- and Raquet, apparently, has a thing for young girls, as can be seen in an exchange he had with a Facebook friend under a photo he posted (eight photos in on his Facebook page, which, yet again, can be seen here.).

We want to know what you think: is the girl a "victim" -- as we described her yesterday -- or a "willing participant?"

Cast your vote below.

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