Morning Poll: Is Congressman Trent Franks Senate Worthy?

As you're probably well aware, Senator Jon Kyl will not be running for re-election in 2012 -- and that means the who's who of Arizona's GOP are all rumored to be considering a run, including fagala-phobic Congressman Trent Franks, who made it clear this weekend that the rumors are true.

Franks recently said President Barack Obama's decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act was an impeachable offense. He also recently said he's considering running for the Senate seat being vacated by Kyl.

As far as a potential primary with not-kooky Congressman Jeff Flake -- the only declared candidate for the seat -- goes, Frank told the Arizona Republic

"I really have a great deal of respect and friendship toward Jeff Flake. He is a decent man," Franks said. "There are some fairly significant differences between us on a range of significant issues. It might be a decision that should be left to the people, and I have to just gauge if I am the one to offer that alternative or not."

We'd like to help the congressman out with his decision. Do you think Congressman Franks is Senate-worthy?

Cast your vote below.

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James King
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