Morning Poll: Is County Supervisor Fulton Brock Capable of Doing His Job With Family's Sex Scandal Hanging Over His Head?

For the first time since his wife's arrest for having a three-year sexual relationship with a teenage boy, Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock made a public appearance yesterday. It didn't go well for the county supervisor.

Following a speech with his pal, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to recovering drug addicts at one of Arpaio's jails, Brock faced a gaggle of reporters who had one thing on their mind: his family's sex scandal, about which he refuses to answer questions -- particularly, questions about when he became aware of the relationship between his wife and the teenage boy whom she was molesting.

"I can only comment on government-related things today. Im not gonna respond to anything relative to my family or personal matters," Brock told reporters.

Newsflash: when you're wife is in prison for molesting the same teenage boy your daughter is accused of molesting -- and it appears that you knew about it while it was going on -- nobody is going to care about "government-related things," and that's not going to change until the
public has answers.

Brock's question-dodging came on the same day news broke that a month before his wife's arrest, he sought former County Attorney Rick Romley's help in finding a defense lawyer who specializes in cases of sexual abuse of a minor.

Read about that -- and other signals Brock knew of the abuse of the boy as early as a year before his wife's arrest -- here.

Brock has refused several invitations to tell his side of the story to New Times and other publications -- and until yesterday, had kept a very low-profile.

Until Brock opens up to the media, every time he makes a public appearance he's going to face questions about his circus of a personal life -- regardless of whether he wants to answer them.

The only way for the county supervisor to avoid looking deceptive whenever he appears in public and reporters are there is to stay out of the public eye -- which isn't the best idea considering he's a public official.

In our humble opinion, until Brock breaks his silence about his family's sex scandal, he's not going to be able to do the job taxpayers pay him to do very well if he's constantly dodging questions or holed up in his house or office.

But we want to know what you think: is Brock capable of doing his job while refusing to answer questions about his role in his family's sex scandal?

Cast your vote below.

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James King
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