Morning Poll: Is Running DNA Tests on Your Significant Other's Underwear to Prove They're Cheating an Invasion of Privacy?

Yesterday, we found a Phoenix laboratory that offers "infidelity testing," which entails someone stealing a pair of their significant other's underwear and having spots, smudges, and stains tested for DNA.

It's gross, we know.

As off-putting as it sounds, apparently it's fairly popular -- the lab gets about five customers a week who request the service.

Stealing someone's undies to prove infidelity seems a little, to put it politely, paranoid. And some say it's an invasion of privacy.

We want to know how you feel about it: Is testing someone's underwear to prove that they're cheating an invasion of privacy?

Vote, and see the results of yesterday's poll after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: Will Steve Nash ever win an NBA Championship?

-55 percent say yes.

-45 percent say no.


Here is your morning poll:



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