Morning Poll: Is Susan Brock the Only One to Blame for Sexual Abuse of Teenage Boy?

Susan Brock, wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, was sentenced to 13 years in prison yesterday for the three-year sexual relationship she had with a teenage boy her family met through the Mormon Church.

The sentence is pretty stiff -- based on the crimes to which she pleaded guilty (as opposed to the crimes with which she was initially charged).

Sentencing guidelines allowed Judge Robert Olson to sentence Brock to as few as seven years in prison. However, he could have sentenced her to 15.

As we mentioned yesterday, it could be argued that Brock's not the only one who could have prevented the abuse of the boy -- for at least a year, anyway.

In October 2009 -- more than a year before Brock's arrest -- a meeting was held between Mormon Church officials, Susan and Fulton Brock, and the parents of the victim. The purpose for the meeting: to discuss suspicions the victim's parents had that Susan Brock was sleeping with their son.

Brock denied the relationship, but suspicion was there -- and Fulton Brock, the Mormon Church, and the victim's parents knew it. Yet, these adults opted to confront the issue in-house, instead of calling the cops.

And let's not forget the victim's school. His parents' concerns got to the point that they told the school not to allow Brock to pick up their son anymore, and the principal of the school even told the county supervisor's wife that if she stepped foot on school property, he would call police.

Yet it wasn't until the victim's teenage girlfriend became aware of the relationship that authorities were contacted by anyone.

We want to know what you think: Mrs. Brock's the only one going to prison, but could others have prevented at least some of the abuse?

Cast your vote below.

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