Morning Poll: Is Terry Goddard Really the Best Senate Candidate Arizona Democrats Can Come Up With?

eft-leaning Public Policy Polling released results yesterday of a poll showing that -- assuming Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords doesn't run for the Senate seat getting vacated by Senator Jon Kyl -- former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is the overwhelming favorite amongst Arizona Democrats.

Seriously? Terry Goddard is the best candidate Arizona Democrats can come up with -- again? Unfortunately for lefties, it looks that way.

Goddard seems like a nice enough guy, but he just screams eh -- as was made apparent in his failed/lackluster gubernatorial campaign against Governor Jan Brewer last year.

Keep in mind, Congressman Jeff Flake is the only person on either side of the aisle to declare his candidacy for the seat, but Democrats don't even appear to have any prospects -- Goddard aside -- who could give Flake a run for his money (and he's already got quite a bit of money).

In a similar poll -- again, conducted by PPP -- Goddard would tie Flake in the general election. But we have a feeling the numbers would shift in Flake's favor once voters across the state get a better look at the well-spoken, dashing congressman (who once found himself smack-dab in the middle of a Congressional hunk-off with Illinois Congressman Aaron Shock), and are reminded of Goddard's blah-ness.

Not to mention, if Goddard couldn't beat Jan "has did" Brewer after her epic moment of silence during a gubernatorial debate last year, he probably wouldn't fare too well against an opponent with half a brain -- even if SB 1070 isn't the only issue GOP voters care about.

But look at the alternatives: Congressman Harry Mitchell, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, one-time candidate for attorney general Felicia Rotellini, over-educated plagiarist/humiliating Lynard Skynard cover "artist" Rodney Glassman, Congressman Ed Pastor, and U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke.

Pretty slim pickins.

We want to know what you think: is Goddard really the best candidate Arizona Democrats can come up with to run for Senate?

Cast your vote below.

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