Morning Poll: Is the DPS' Apology Over Dead Body Mix-up Enough?

The Arizona Department of Public Safety issued apologies yesterday to the families of the two girls involved in the dead body mix-up following a car accident on Interstate 10 last week.

If you're not familiar with the snafu, the two girls (pictured) were in a car wreck. One died and the other is in critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital.

The problem is that officials at both the hospital and the DPS told the wrong family which girl was dead and which was alive.

Check out the details here.

As a result, the family of the girl who lived spent the last week planning a funeral while the parents of the girl who died held out hope at their daughter's bedside.

The DPS apologized for the mix-up yesterday, saying it was "a chaotic situation" and that the girls were so badly injured that it was difficult to positively identify them at the scene.

We want to know what you think -- is the DPS's apology enough?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Bank robber: little old lady or guy dressed as one?

- 26 percent say little old lady.

- 74 percent say guy dressed as one.

Here is your morning poll:

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