Morning Poll -- Jan Brewer and Photo Radar: Political Opportunism?

As you may have heard yesterday, the days of photo-radar enforcement in Arizona will be a thing of the past come July 1. The Arizona Department of Public Safety says it will not renew the contract of Redflex Inc., the company that operates Arizona's hated speed cams.

Accidental Governor Jan Brewer, who is running to become an elected governor, probably will get a boost in the polls after taking much of the credit for putting the kibosh on the speed-camera program.

Brewer, in a heated GOP primary to run for the position she currently holds, just received a boost in the polls after signing the controversial immigration bill, SB 1070.

The timing of the announcement that the state would not renew the unpopular program seems like political opportunism by Brewer, who now seems set to coast her way all the way to the August primary.

Brewer's been against photo radar since she took office, but waited until now -- when she's in the midst of a jam-packed GOP primary -- to announce that the state would not renew the contract.

So we want to know what you think: Is Brewer guilty of political opportunism?

Let us know -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- after the jump.    

Yesterday's poll question: Is Cinco de Mayo a legit holiday in the U.S., or has it lost its meaning and become just another excuse to get blasted.

-12 percent say legit holiday
-78 percent say excuse to get bombed
-10 percent say "what the fuck is Cinco de Mayo?"

Here is your morning poll:

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