Morning Poll: Should Jared Loughner be Involuntarily Medicated?

U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ordered an emergency hearing yesterday to determine whether Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner should continue to be involuntarily medicated.

Prosecutors filed a motion yesterday arguing that Loughner should be given anti-psychotic medication because he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic and is a danger to others.

His behavior while behind bars certainly supports the prosecution's argument.

From the Associated Press:

On April 4, Loughner spit at his own attorney, lunged at her and had to be restrained by prison staff, prosecutors said.

Their filing also says that during a taped interview with a psychiatrist March 28, Loughner suddenly became enraged, cursed at him, threw a plastic chair at him twice, and then wet a roll of toilet paper and tried to throw it at the camera before hurling the chair twice more.

The filing also said Loughner was repeatedly encouraged to attend a June 14 prison administrative hearing about his medication, but he refused to participate, "and instead barricaded himself, lying down by his bed."

The hearing found that Loughner was a danger to himself, according to court records.

Clearly, Loughner needs medication. His attorneys, however, argue that he shouldn't be involuntarily medicated without the approval of a judge.

Burns has set the hearing for 2 p.m., at which point he will determine whether to keep medicating Loughner.

We want to know what you think: should Loughner be involuntarily medicated?

Cast your vote below.

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