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Morning Poll: Should Women in Military Be Allowed to Serve Combat Roles?

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks wrote a recent article for Roll Call, in which he argues that gender differences between men and women should keep the ladies off the front lines of a combat situation.

Franks argues that sexual tension between male and female soldiers "further complicates the situation by providing one more component that can negatively affect morale."

He also points out that woman -- in general -- are physically weaker than men and slower on their feet, which could create a lower standard for the physical requirements of combat troops.

See Franks' column here -- unlike his fear of fagalas, he makes a few valid points in his arguments against women in the military serving in combat roles (assuming you can abandon the principles of equality and accept reality).

We want to know what you think: should women in the military be allowed to serve in combat roles?

Cast your vote below.

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