Morning Poll: Were Arizona Wildfires Caused by Illegal Immigrants?

Arizona, as you probably know, esta en fuego.

And John McCain (among others) is pretty sure -- based on no known evidence -- that illegal immigrants are to blame.

Even Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever presumes the following to Fox News:

"The bottom line is, there was nobody in the park [which is currently in flames who] would've been there legally," Dever says. "There were no vehicles, no nothing. It's a high-intensity drug trafficking and human-smuggling area. We have scouts [who] hang out there all the time. They light signal fires, they light warming fires because it gets cold at night...There is nothing to indicate that there was any other cause. And the highest probability -- not possibility -- is that this is how this fire started."

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio even has jumped on the immigrant-fire PR campaign bandwagon.

They may be right, but we want to know what you think: were the southern Arizona wildfires caused by illegal immigrants?

Cast your vote below.

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