Morning Poll: What's More Humiliating for Arizona: "Birther" Bill or New Abortion Laws?

The Arizona Legislature has a knack for something: ruining the reputation of the entire state via a collection of embarrassing, symbolic bills.

Last week, Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill that makes doctors who perform abortions based on sex or gender criminals, which is fine except there's no evidence to support GOP legislators' claims that abortions performed for either of those reasons is a problem in Arizona.

Opponents of the bill say the new law "is just to further damage the reputations of women who get an abortion."

Read about that Legislative boner here.

Another humiliating potential law is the "Birther" bill, which has found its way into the Legislature for the second year in a row.

The bill would require political parties to provide a presidential candidate's birth certificate to election officials before that person's name is allowed on the Arizona ballot. It also would require the party to provide a statement saying where the candidate has lived for the last
14 years.

The "Birther" bill also would be fine if proving U.S. citizenship already wasn't a federal requirement to run for president, and it wasn't in direct response to the repeatedly debunked controversy over President Barack Obama's citizenship and the right-wing conspiracy theorist "birther" movement.

These are just two of several bills that have made Arizona what The Daily Show's Jon Stewart calls the "meth lab of Democracy" (Arizona also is on the cusp of becoming the second state in the country with an official state gun), but we want to know which is the most
embarrassing for Arizona.

Cast your vote below.

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