Morning Poll: Which Meth-Related Baby Story From Yesterday is More Repulsing?

Yesterday -- a relatively slow news day -- us New Times staffers were (ahem) blessed with two meth-related baby stories in roughly an hour.

The first: a woman gave birth to a baby with crystal meth and weed in its system. The mother was arrested and charged with neglect thanks to a new Arizona law that allows prosecutors to charge women, who use drugs while pregnant, with a crime.

Someone claiming to be the woman's brother later commented on our post that his sister is "hot in the sack," and can "cook a mean batch of meth." We're not sure if the poster is actually the woman's brother, but it's amusing nonetheless. Check out the story here.

The second: Two people were arrested after allegedly exposing their children to meth. Their one-year-old, police say, was "acting like a junky." A 3-week-old, also living in the house, died. Check out that post here.

Both are pretty revolting stories, but we want to know which one you think is worse.

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: Has Jan Brewer Let Prison System "Fall Apart?"

- 56 percent say yes.

- 12 percent no, Goddard's just using escapes to gain political capital.

- 32 percent say both.

Here is your morning poll:

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