Morning Poll: Who Benefits Most From Dean Martin Suspending his Campaign for Governor?

And then there were two -- legitimate GOP candidates for governor, that is.

Dean Martin suspended his gubernatorial campaign on Friday, leaving accidental Governor Jan Brewer and businessman/rich-guy Owen "Buz" Mills as the last remaining candidates (with active campaigns -- Martin hasn't officially pulled the plug yet) in the GOP primary for governor with any inkling of a chance at becoming the Republican nominee.

Martin's haulting his campaign seems good news for the Mills camp -- any support from the anti-Jan crowd within the GOP (which may remember Brewer pre-SB 1070) was possibly split between Mills and Martin.

With Martin suspending his campaign, it's possible Republican voters (who aren't basing their vote exclusively on Brewer's jottin' her name down on SB 1070) may be swayed to support Mills.

On the other hand, Jan Brewer -- as absolutely astonishing as it may seem -- is the new darling of the conservative movement, seemingly spending as much time gabbing with Greta Van Susteren lately as she does actually governing.

Will Martin's supporters take the conservative bait and go with Jan?

We want to know what you think: who benefits more from Martin suspending his campaign.

Vote -- an see the results of Friday's poll -- below.

Friday's poll question: Is the County Attorney's Office Actually in Good Shape or Did Boyd Dunn Quit Race Because He Knew He'd Lose?

-44 percent say he knew he'd lose.

-11 percent say it's in good shape.

-45 percent say both.

Here is your morning poll:


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