Morning Poll -- Who's a Worse TV News "Investigative Reporter": Josh Bernstein or Wendy Halloran?

TV news is often good for one thing: a laugh.

Tacky catch phrases, lame dialogue, and guys who look like real-life Ron Burgundys (yeah, Mark Curtis, we mean you) tend to define local TV news.

For the most part, TV news is harmless. However, sometimes it's not -- as was the case on Monday night when 12 News' "investigative reporter" Wendy Halloran blabbed on live TV that New Times paid world-renowned forensic experts to analyze photos of Deputy Louie Puroll's wound.

As we pointed out yesterday, we didn't.

To suggest that we did questions the credibility of the story.

Given the magnitude of the Louie Puroll story, it was a pretty big deal.

Halloran corrected her false claim later in the broadcast (only after we called to correct her), but as the saying goes, you can't un-ring a bell.

It seems Halloran just ran with an assumption -- a big no-no in journalism, especially "investigative" journalism.

This brings us to ABC 15's Josh Bernstein.

Bernstein's the guy who swallowed Sheriff Joe Arpaio's I'm running governor Kool-Aid earlier this year and got the whole state -- and much of the country -- to buy into Arpaio's cry for attention.

Bernstein was chewed out by his boss for not going after Arpaio hard enough, and as we learned a few weeks ago, he's decided to "close the ABC15 chapter of his life as an investigative reporter."

We want to know what you think -- who's a worse TV "investigative reporter": Josh Bernstein or Wendy Halloran?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

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Here is your morning poll:


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