Morning Poll: Who's, Um, Classier -- Joe Arpaio or Charlie Sheen?

When one candidate's quoted as saying -- amongst several (several) other douchey remarks --  "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not I'm not a bitchin' rock star from mars," and the other's tried to publicly vilify an elementary school, determining which's the classier asshole isn't easy. Yet Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and cocaine's number one fan, Charlie Sheen, leave us no choice.

Sheen's had a hell of a week. After his show, Two and a Half Men, was canceled by CBS brass last week, he's spent the majority of his time in a bathroom with a soft-ball-sized rock of cocaine on national TV making himself look like as much of an asshole as humanly possible.

"You can't process me with a normal brain," Sheen said on The Today Show, before threatening to take over CBS and Warner Bros. Studios, which he would then rename "Charlie Bros."

See some of Sheen's more memorable quotes right here.

But Arpaio's still Arpaio, and just yesterday he was so butt-hurt that he tried to publicly vilify an elementary school for uninviting him to read to students because he's "too controversial" and might upset some parents of Hispanic students -- a reasonable reaction considering he's made a career out of hunting down Mexican janitors.

See our story on the matter here.

Obviously, both men just radiate class, but we want to know what you think -- who's the classier A-hole: Arpaio or Sheen?

Cast your vote below:

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