Morning Poll: Will You Try to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card?

As New Times noted yesterday, if you smoke pot, and have any of the symptoms that could potentially qualify you for a medical-marijuana card, you'd be an idiot to not at least try to get one.

Our advocacy of medical marijuana, however, has apparently pissed off at least one reader, who voiced his disgust in the comment section of a story about a meth head who decided to go on a four-day bender and then have a naked picnic in a dollar store bathroom.

"Killermanjaro's" comment is as follows: 

And to think he started his drug career while following the advice of the New Times, to go seek out a Dr and get a dope-permit.

MJ: The drug that leads you into the Satanic rituals and mind games of dangerous narcotics.

Thanks for the knife in the back of polite, American society New Times. You guys are dirtbags.

Dirtbags? Us? It's just weed, brah -- and can be legal.

As we pointed out to "Killermanjaro," the naked guy was using meth, not weed.

We want to know what you think: will you at least try to obtain a medical-marijuana card?

Cast your vote below.

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