Mother Arrested in This Morning's High School "Riot" (A.K.A. Insignificant Chick Fight) Identified

Phoenix police have identified the woman arrested this morning during what local media jumped the proverbial gun and dubbed a high school "riot."

As Phoenix police spokesman Sergeant Tommy Thomspon explained this morning after several members of the PHX fourth estate reported the "riot" -- "the school was locked down for a brief period to settle things down, but there was no riot."

Riot or not, 31-year-old Kendra Jackson was arrested.

As we reported earlier, about 7:30 a.m. today, two girls at Fairfax High School near 59th Avenue and Baseline Road got into a brawl with two other girls in the school's cafeteria.

The fight, Thompson says, stemmed from another altercation between the girls that happened at a bus stop yesterday afternoon. In that fight, the mothers of two of the girls were involved in the brawl.

In this morning's melee, one of the mothers involved in yesterday's fight (Jackson) got word that the girls were at it again. She rushed to the school, bypassed the security, and failed to obey their commands, Thompson says. She was taken into custody.

In addition to the arrest of Jackson and the girls, a male student also was taken into custody after he jumped into the pile of brawling chicks to help one of the girls. In the process, he pushed a security guard, which led to his arrest.  

The male student, described by police only as a 16-year-old black male, is being referred to juvenile court.

Jackson faces one count of disruption of an educational institution.

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