Mother Knows Best: Tells us Where to Find Best Pediatricians in the Valley


There are few things more frantic than a mother with a sick kid, and finding a doctor who meets her standards is never easy. Fortunately,, an information Web site for all things mommy, has compiled a list of the most popular pediatricians in the Valley.



The Web site says that some of the best spots for tottering tots include Pediatric Associates, and Northwest Clinic for Children, both in Phoenix, and the East Valley Children's Center in Tempe.


"They're great with my daughter and with me and my husband. Being first-time parents, they explain everything to us and always make us feel at ease," a local mom named Leila says of the East Valley Children's Center. "When we have an emergency after business hours, they call back unlike other doctors. They're great and I recommend them to everyone!"


Topping the list however is Camelback Pediatrics PC Office in Phoenix.


""Fantastic, all the docs. Saturday hours, Well- and sick-child waiting areas," says a local mom named Susan. "Special entrance for infectious kiddos. Great. I have been taking my kids there since we moved here 14 years ago."


A room full of "infectious kiddos?" That sounds inviting.  



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