Mother Who Locked 2-Year-Old Son in Closet When She Went to Work Advertises Herself as Escort on Web site

The Mesa mom who police say locked her 2-year-old son in a closet when she went to work also happens to advertise herself as an escort.

When she was arrested on Monday, we were under the impression that she was 21-year-old Corrina Davis. However, on the Web site, Davis goes by a different name -- "Barbie" -- and is "wet and willing MILF" in need of "help."

Unfortunately for Davis, she also includes some graphic pictures of herself, where it's clear that there nothing remotely MILFy about her.

Here's an excerpt from her ad: Hi Guys and Gals! The name is Barbie! I find myself in need of some help after the holidays and need your help! I am open minded and ready to rumble. I will not change my rates. I will also not upsell. I am a real girl that needs real help and I dont want to play games. If I am what you are looking for and your willing to help me out please email your name and number and I will call you ASAP. Both girls and guys are welcome to call me I can take care of both. I promise you wont be disappointed. I will not answer any blocked calls. I will however answer texts as long as you state your name and dont go into any details.

Later in the ad, "Barbie" insists she is not a prostitute.

Whatever you say...

Check out the full ad here. Careful, though. There's some nudity, and it ain't the good kind.

Her Myspace page doesn't exactly scream mother of the year, either.

While she claims to be the "Proud mother of one little boy," she also gave a video-lesson on
to roll a blunt and posted pictures of herself doin' bong hits. 

The boy was discovered when Maricopa County Constable Fred Arnett went to Davis' apartment to evict her.

When he got there, he thought nobody was home and discovered the 2-year-old locked in a small bedroom closet. The boy had bruises on his face, and Arnett says it looked as though the closet was the boy's living quarters.

Davis was arrested on two child-abuse charges but was granted supervised release, where she is monitored electronically. The boy is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.


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