Mug Shot of the Week: Cardinals Super Fan

This is one of the few haircuts we've ever seen that may be dumber than the "blown out" Long Island locks Paulie D sports on Jersey Shore.

This Arizona Cardinals super-fan was originally seen on The Smoking Gun and his mug was brought to our attention by our friends at Heat City, who find the 'do equally ridiculous.

We spent the last few days trying to track down the identity of this brave soul, who appears to be so brazen in his fandom that he would shave out a faux-hawk, leave some chops, and dye them in the shape of the Cardinals logo.

Unfortunately, none of the booking agents we spoke to in Maricopa, Pinal, or Yavapai counties seem to remember taking a booking shot of a guy with a Cards logo died into the side of his head.

The Smoking Gun, however, claims the guy is indeed from Arizona. Plus, his is not the Stanford Cardinal or the logo for the University of Louisville's athletic program. 

According to The Gun, this guy was arrested last week for assault with a deadly weapon. Unfortunately for Super Fan, all the deadly weapons in the world couldn't save the Cardinals from the New Orleans Saints last week, when they got blown out 45-14.  

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