Mug Shot of the Week From MCSO: 25-Year-Old Albert Allen Evans

The purpose of a mug shot is to get a visual idea of what a suspect in a crime looks like, in order to identify him in the future. That being said, unless 25-year-old Albert Allen Evans walks around all day looking like he just got kicked in the crotch, MCSO officers may have opted to take another picture.

Evans got pinched on Monday night on two counts of shoplifting and one count of armed robbery.

Considering the MCSO booking officer allowed Evans to pose for this virtually unidentifiable picture, he has one thing going for him. In the rare chance he escapes custody, and a manhunt is under way -- based on this picture alone -- the public will be of little assistance in bringing him in.

Unless, of course, people start walking around the streets of Phoenix asking every black guy they see to close his eyes, stare at the floor, and contort his face to make it look like someone just kneed in the balls.

Hmmm. Wait a minute...  

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James King
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