Murder/ Failed-Suicide Suspect Identified; Unfortunately, Still No Mugshot

Yesterday, we posted a story about a Phoenix man who shot and killed his wife on Friday, failed to die after shooting himself in the head, and then lived in his house -- with his wife dead on the floor -- for four days before he called police.

Today, the suspect has been identified as 56-year-old Glen Jepsen. The victim: 65-year-old Paula McGuire.

We tried to score a mugshot for Jepsen to hopefully see just how far off his mark he actually was but Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson says no mugshot is available because he's still in the hospital recovering from shooting himself in the...well...mug.  

Yesterday, Thompson told New Times that cops received a call about 8:30 yesterday morning from a 56-year-old man living in the 10200 block of North 15th Avenue.

Thompson says the man, Jepsen, called to let cops know that he had shot and killed his wife, tried committing suicide by shooting himself in the head, and had been living with her dead body since the killing and failed suicide took place Friday night.

The couple's relationship, Thompson says, had been deteriorating over the last year and they often argued.

"What would cause someone to kill their wife? I don't know," Thompson says. "There's a thing called divorce."

Thompson says he's not sure what the man did during the time between the murder and calling police and wasn't sure if police had a chance to interview him before he was taken to the hospital, where he is still being treated.

After his release from the hospital, Jepsen will be taken to jail to a face murder charge, Thompson says.

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