Murder Suspect Nabbed With Handgun While Picking Up Daughter at a Tempe Elementary School


A 27-year-old murder suspect was busted at a Tempe elementary school with a handgun on Wednesday as she picked her daughter up from school.

Damaris Shayna Davy, who's unemployed and homeless, was also under investigation for two instances in the past week or so when she pointed the same gun at her father and father's neighbor, court records state.

Back on October 25, Davy had been riding in the back seat of car in south Phoenix when she whipped out her .45-caliber handgun and shot the driver in the head and back, police say.

She would later tell police the victim had threatened to kill her and her family, but cops weren't able to confirm that tale. (In any case, it's hardly a good excuse for blowing the guy away).

On April 13, she allegedly pointed the gun at her father's neighbor after an argument and threatened to kill him.

One week later, records state, Davy pointed the gun at her dad "and asked him if he had anything to say before she shot him in the head." One of her dad's friends stumbled onto the scene and the woman fled.

Cops developed info that Davy would be at Flora Thew Elementary School, 2130 E. Howe Avenue, on Wednesday afternoon to pick up her daughter, and that she typically kept the .45 in her black backpack. Cops took her in without incident and are seeking a charge of second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

A Tempe Elementary School District spokeswoman tells New Times she wasn't aware of the arrest and would call back if the district had any statement.

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