Murdered Arizona Rancher Prompts GOP Lawmaker to Call for Congressional Hearing on Border Security

When your average citizen is murdered, there typically isn't a Congressional hearing to sort out the details. However, when that citizen is assumed to have been murdered by an illegal immigrant, members of Congress tend to take notice -- even the cops have scant evidence.

The latest to use the murder of Douglas rancher Robert Krentz as a reason to beef up security at the U.S./ Mexico border is Texas Representative Kay Granger, who announced on Fox News today that once members of Congress are back from their Easter recess, she will call for a hearing to try to get more federal assistance to increase security in border states.

Not to say a hearing isn't long overdue, but lawmakers -- and the media -- have been quick in assuming the murder was committed by an illegal immigrant.


Last time we spoke with the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, a spokeswoman told us that there was currently no suspect in the case, no motive, and no real leads, but that isn't stopping Granger from using the tragedy as a catalyst to amp up security.

"I don't think that we are getting everything we need," Granger told Fox News yesterday. "What we need is sensors; we need more equipment to see who's coming across the border," she said. "We need more roads so that border control can stop them. We need more commitment frankly. We need commitment to make sure that our borders are safe and they're not right now with what's going on in Mexico."

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