Names of Arizona Rollover Victims Released; 17 People Killed in Two Accidents

The Department of Public Safety released the names of victims in two major roll-over accidents from earlier this month on southern Arizona highways.

It's a list that punctuates just how huge these two tragedies were:

June 6, on State Route 82


Isaias De La Cruz-Gonzalez, 21 of Guatamala; Jose Moises Pineda-Rodriguez. 32 of Honduras; Marcos Tulio-Buezo, 18 of Honduras; Boenerge Zelaya-Villegas, 32 of El Salvador; Edwin Amilcar-Pena, 22 of El Salvador; Maria Rene Aroche-Marda, 21 of Guatamala; Gonzalo Gilberto Guaman-Sibri, 35 of Ecudor; Marcelino Ramirez, 35 of Guatamala; Juan Torres-Garcia, 41 of Mexico; Jose Olegario Quinteros-Pacheco, 29 of Guatamala; Jose Francisco Martinez-Tejada, 40 of El Salvador; Jose Luis Ramos-Garcia, 22 of Mexico; Jose Carlos Romache-Tuba, 20 of Ecudor; Jose Lima-Sanchez, 20 of Guatamala; Carlos Garcia-Guzman, 34 of Mexico; Oscar Javier Garay-Mariscal, 36 of Mexico.


Marlon Jose Abrego-Paz, 18 of Honduras; Candido Alberto Maldonado-Ramos, 18 of Honduras; Jeaneth Sanchez-Morocho, 19 of Ecuador Jose Eduardo Gutierrez-Cortez, 15 of El Salvador. Marco Acosta-Suarez, of Ecuador; Marvin Giovani Vasquez-Carrillo, of El Salvador; Noel Madrid-Sanchez, of Mexico; Francisco Garcia-Torres, of Guatemala

Three others have yet to be identified.

And from the wreck of passenger van filled with Tanzanians:

June 3, Interstate 10, Texas Canyon


Jean Paul Nzopfansaga, 31 of Tucson; Rebecca Niyintunze, 45 of Tucson; Vestine Hanngimana, 22 of Tucson; Elic Bimenyimany, 24 of Tucson; Aroyizi Ndayihimbaze, 28 of Tucson; Leonidas Ndururkizje, 54 of Tucson; Consilie Ndayirorere, 48 of Tucson; Israel Ndikumana, 28 of Tucson; Francine Nscancincuti , 29 of Tucson; Josephine Nzigire, 44 of Tucson; Mungu Kitubure, 23 of Tucson.


Bernadethe, Nahimana, 47 of Tucson; Elizabeth Minani , 44 of Tucson; Josephine Kalomo, 55 of Tucson; Albino Misigaro, 61 of Tucson; Domitila Nduwamungu, 23 of Tucson; Neema Kitubure, 18 of Tucson.

Wherever you're from, drive safely.

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Ray Stern has worked as a newspaper reporter in Arizona for more than two decades. He's won numerous awards for his reporting, including the Arizona Press Club's Don Bolles Award for Investigative Journalism.