NASCAR Sprint Cup: New Times Fails Miserably to Win Donation for Local Homeless Shelter

NASCAR's in town for a Sprint Cup Series race this weekend, and as part of the festivities, the folks at Sprint invited us, as well as some of the other who's-nots in local media, to participate in a charity race this morning.

We were racing for Central Arizona Shelter Services -- the prize was $1,000, but CASS won't see a dime of that money because, as far as the race goes, we blew it. Apologies!

We strapped into racing simulators at the Phoenix International Raceway ready to blow the competition out of the water, and after leading much of the field after six of seven laps, we hit the wall -- ruining any chance we had at bringing home the cash.

After it became clear we stood no chance of winning, we turned a friendly race into a kamikaze mission -- trying to take out anyone in our way -- but still managed only a third-place finish.

When the dust settled, Channel 3 TV's Scott Pasmore came out on top -- despite our efforts to put him into the wall. As a result, Sprint donated $1,000 to the American Cancer Society on his behalf.

If you've never been to a NASCAR event, we recommend you check it out -- every stereotype you've ever heard is probably true (we saw not one, but four "I Love Beer" tee-shirts, heard a few "dangs," and saw a collection of mullets that would give Billy Ray Cyrus a run for his daughter's money.

For more info on this weekend's race, click here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.