National Day of Prayer Is Today; Of Course, Jan Brewer Volunteers Arizona's Participation Again

It's a big day on Governor Jan Brewer's holy front, as she's pulling out all the stops today for the annual National Day of Prayer.

Brewer's office announced today that the governor signed a declaration calling today the "Arizona Day of Prayer." She also said she's filing a motion with the Arizona Superior Court in an attempt to dismiss a lawsuit against her over her penchant for calling prayer days, and she issued a reminder of why the governor believes prayer is important.

Sometimes Brewer proclaims prayers should be said so that God can help out with the economy or the state budget, but today's just the regular ol' prayer day -- no specific needs for Arizona are mentioned in Brewer's proclamation today.

After past years, groups have attempted to sue over the constitutionality of Brewer's prayer days, but they've been unsuccessful.

Don't worry, Arizonans -- Brewer says she's going to keep fighting for her prayer days just for you.

"I'll keep fighting for our ability to commemorate a voluntary Day of Prayer, because I know how important it is to the many Arizonans who rely on the power of prayer during times of both triumph and tragedy," Brewer says. "Our ability to gather, worship and pray is one of the most valuable freedoms granted to us by the Constitution. I encourage everyone -- regardless of race, creed or political persuasion - to exercise that freedom today as we pray for the safety of our service members, our State and our Nation."

Brewer's spokesman previously defended the prayer days to New Times, saying the call for prayer is non-denominational and "open-ended enough" for just about person who believes in a god.

You may notice the non-believers kind of get shafted for prayer days.

Either way, read Brewer's proclamation so you know what to pray about.

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