National League Wins All-Star Game; Arizona's Chris Young Catches Final Out!

Finally, the monkey is off the back of the National League.

After 13 long and frustrating years, it finally notched a win in the Midsummer Classic in Anaheim, beating the American League 3-1.

Arizona's Chris Young didn't contribute much to the win, much like his disappointing showing in the home run derby Monday night.


In his two plate appearances, Young fouled out to first base and struck out swinging. The strikeout, ironically, came against former Snakes closer Jose Valverde, who was flat out nasty as he struck out the side in the top of the ninth.

Many D-Backs fans probably wished "Papa Grande" was still closing out games for the team this year. If he had been, that 34-55 record might be more respectable.

For an All-Star game, however, there wasn't much offense, a tribute to how well pitchers have performed this year.

Except for a sacrifice fly by the Yankees' Robinson Cano, the A.L. failed to cross the plate.

As for the National League, one swing was all it took to ensure a win that seemed like would never happen.

With the bases loaded in the seventh, Atlanta catcher Brian McCann ripped a bases-clearing double to give the N.L. a 3-1 lead.

Other than those two plays, it was all defense and pitching.

There were only 13 hits in the game, with David Wright of the Mets being the only player with two.

In a game that lasted less than three hours, it seemed to be over in a flash.

And while Young didn't fare well in the home run derby or noticeable play in the game, he did catch the final out on Ian Kinsler's fly ball to center.

The celebration that ensued probably highlighted the trip for him.

And after a decade and a half of trying and trying, the National League finally came through.

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