National Rifle Association Gave Gabrielle Giffords a 'C' During 2010 Election

According to the National Rifle Association's list of grades and endorsements for Arizona's Congressional delegation, Gabrielle Giffords earned a 'C' for her stance on gun rights.

The list, reserved for NRA members only, was obtained today by New Times from an NRA representative.

For each election, the NRA's Political Victory Fund posts its endorsements for politicians based on a grading system. Of the current group of U.S. representatives, only Raúl Grijalva -- who (like Giffords) has been the subject of threats -- ranked lower than the congresswoman who is currently fighting for her life.

See below for the NRA's grades for the winners of their respective districts (candidates who didn't receive grades did not return the NRA questionnaire, says the NRA spokesman):

District 1: Paul Gosar (Republican) A
District 2: Trent Franks (Republican) A
District 3: Ben Quayle (Republican) A
District 4: Ed Pastor (Democrat) None
District 5: David Schweikert (Republican) A
District 6: Jeff Flake (Republican) A
District 7: Raúl Grijalva (Democrat) F
District 8: Gabrielle Giffords (Democrat) C

Runners-up of their respective districts and their grades:

District 1: Ann Kirkpatrick (Democrat) A
District 2: John Thrasher (Democrat) B
District 3: Jon Hulburd (Democrat) None
District 4: Janet Contreras (Republican) None
District 5: Harry Mitchell (Democrat) C
District 6: Rebecca Schneider (Democrat) C
District 7: Ruth McClung (Republican) B
District 8: Jesse Kelly (Republican) None

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