Nearly 20 of the 23 Dogs Rescued From Pima County Home Euthanized; Animal-Cruelty Suspect Thinks it's "Messed Up"

The man suspected of animal cruelty for leaving his 23 dogs alone at his home for nearly two weeks with no food or water says Pima Animal Control Center's putting 19 of the dogs out of their misery is "messed up."

Yesterday, we posted a story about 34-year-old Raymond Quintero and his 23 pit bull/ boxer mixes. Quintero is suspected of leaving the dogs helpless for nearly two weeks until an anonymous tipster called authorities.

When authorities found the dogs, they were in rough shape -- many were starved, emaciated, dehydrated, had tooth disease, and suffered from untreated injuries that animal control authorities say were probably the result of the dogs attacking each other.

The fate of the pooshes, as of yesterday, was unknown. Today, we find out that 19 of the 23 pooches were euthanized because they were aggressive or too sick to be adopted.

Quintero finds the euthanizations to be wrong.

"I think that's messed up," Quintero tells KVOA. "They go out and they take the dogs and they say they're going to put them to sleep because they're aggressive. I mean, some dogs are aggressive. I don't think that's right at all what they did."

Sorry, pal. When you're accused of leaving 23 dogs alone for two weeks with no food or water, you're no longer the moral compass on how people treat animals.

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