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Neo-Nazi NSM Scrapbook: One Dead Body, One Live Migrant

National Socialist Movement regional director Jeff Hall has filed an "after action report" on the NSM Web site with photos and video of the dead body that Mesa swastika-licker J.T. Ready said he and fellow brownshirts (and assorted fellow travelers) came across during their recent weekend warrior-ing in the Vekol Valley.

The desiccated body looks to be practically in skeleton form, though some of the clothing has survived and there is a water jug tied to a stick next to the remains. I'm surprised the Nazis didn't strap the bones to the hood of one of their cars for a photo op. (That's assuming they didn't, of course.)

As I reported in a previous blog post about these SS-wannabes in Sand Land, the Pinal County Sheriff's Department confirmed that it had received a call about a dead body from the Border Patrol on Sunday, June 20, but the corpse -- or what was left of it -- was ultimately taken by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, because the call came from MCSO's jurisdiction.

The Maricopa County Medical Examiner says it received a male corpse from the MCSO early Monday morning, and it will be examined Tuesday.

Ready, in a press release chock full of hyperbole, also claimed that he and his fellow Hitler-worshippers and assorted nuts came across three live migrants. The Border Patrol, which informed me that overall it took in 300 migrants in the Tucson sector for entire weekend, could not confirm that they'd gotten three from the Vekol Valley.

However, Hall's video shows a migrant the Nazis call "Javier," under the guard of AR-15 totin' patrol members. Hall writes that, "Javier was taken into custody by Border Patrol and two others that were part of his party were picked up on the main highway."

Hall also takes pains to note that "different ethnicities" assisted the neo-Nazi patrol, including "an Apache Indian and a Hispanic." The neo-Nazis go PC and multi-culti? Somewhere ol' Adolf is rolling over in his lake of fire.

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I don't know who the "Hispanic" was, unless Hall is counting pro-immigrant activist/radio host Carlos Galindo, who was there only to observe and offer humanitarian assistance, and who bailed around 1 a.m. Sunday after the Nazis reneged on their offer to take him and his crew on the patrols, as had been agreed.

The "Apache" was 21 year-old Jessira "Jess" Boggs, a gullible young man from Superior, Arizona, according to his MySpace account. During Ready's "border ops" weekend, Boggs played the role of token non-white to the crew, ready to do pretty much anything the white supremacists wanted him to do.

Ready has promised more of these fascistic Boy Scout excursions throughout the summer. How long will it take before they get themselves into some real trouble? Only time will tell.

(Note: I know the images shown above are disturbing. But I think it's important to pay close attention to what these far-right extremists are doing in the Arizona desert, how they represent themselves, and the propaganda they post as part of their cause.)

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