New Arizona Abortion Law to Be Challenged in Court

New Arizona Abortion Law to Be Challenged in Court

Any piece of legislation with the word "abortion" in it is more than likely going to enjoy a wild ride through the legislative and judicial processes.

A new bill passed by the Arizona Legislature is no exception.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona announced today that it intends to sue the state over the constitutionality of a bill signed by Governor Jan Brewer back in July, which is set to go into effect September 31st.

And around and round we go.

Planned Parenthood claims that certain provisions of the bill violate the constitutional rights of women, including a measure that requires a 24-hour waiting period between the time she goes to the doctor seeking an abortion and the time she has the procedure.

Officials at Planned Parenthood told New Times in July that the provision is designed to invoke fear in women before they have the procedure, with the hope that they will reconsider.

However, today, it would be easier to get a private audience with the Pope, than to get someone from Planned Parenthood on the phone, so they could not be reached for comment.

If girls seeking abortions must wait on the phone as long as we did, why;s PP harping about the 24 hours. mañana


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