New Hampshire Lawmaker Wants Joe Arpaio's Birther Posse to Investigate Boston Bombing

In case you're wondering what kind of people think that the government orchestrated the Boston bombing, it appears that they're the same people who believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has discovered fraud in President Obama's birth certificate.

One such person is New Hampshire Republican State Representative Stella Tremblay, who claims that Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" is one of only two "unbiased" groups that she'd want handling the inquiry into a coverup of the Boston bombing.

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The Huffington Post caught a radio interview Tremblay did on a Boston sports show, as Tremblay suggested that a guy who had his legs blown off in the bombing was faking it.

"All I'm asking is for a full investgiation, not the FBI, but some unbiased . . . there's two unbiased groups -- like the Cold Case Posse or someone else," Tremblay said.

There's only one Cold Case Posse, and that's Arpaio's, which pretty clearly fabricated "evidence" in what we're sure was a totally "unbiased" process.

The "evidence" that wasn't fabricated was stuff that was already floating around the Internet beforehand, and had already been thoroughly debunked by the time Arpaio declared Obama's birth certificate was phony.

All it takes is some signatures from a Tea Party group to get a full "investigation" going, so we'll have to wait and see if Arpaio wants to blow more taxpayer money on another conspiracy theory.

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