New Special Session Expected to Begin December 14, but Don't Get Your Hopes Up About Any Arizona Budget Solution

Arizona's lackluster Legislature is looking to call its next special session the week of December 14 to discuss ways to bridge the state's $1.6 billion budget gap.

Despite having no plan other than Governor Brewer's one-cent sales-tax increase that has failed time and time again in the Republican-led Senate -- and something called the "I didn't pay enough fund," where legislators are asking for taxpayer donations and is frankly the worst idea we've ever heard of -- legislators will duke it out once again to try to find a solution.

Considering the state maxed out a $700 million loan from Bank of America in less than a week, you would think legislators would view the situation as a bit urgent and not schedule proceedings for two weeks from now. Until the state has a budget and can pay back the loan, the interest owed to Bank of America will continue to rack up.

So why not do it next week? Because several legislators will be spending the week in sunny San Diego for an all-important legislative convention, while the rest of us watch the interest on the state's loan grow.

Other legislators will be attending a conference in Washington, D.C. and the queen herself, Governor Jan, is skipping town on Friday for Mexico for a meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission.

"We should drop everything we're doing and get this done," Senator Jay Tibshraeny tells the Arizona Guardian.

Hear, hear, Senator! Perhaps if the interest was being paid with legislative salaries these conferences might take a backseat to legislators actually doing their jobs.

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