Newborn Dumped In Front Of North Phoenix Home "Affectionately Nicknamed Baby Kathleen" -- After Street Where She Was Dumped

If you happened to have had a baby yesterday, and then dumped it in front of a home in north Phoenix, police would like to have a word with you -- and make sure you're not bleeding out after giving birth.

Oh...and don't worry about naming your newborn, the cops did it for you -- ya know, since you dumped her in front of a house in north Phoenix, and everything.

According to Phoenix Sergeant Tommy Thompson, the baby's been "affectionately nicknamed Baby Kathleen" by detectives who are investigating the case.

We're not quite sure if the nickname is adorable, or creepy as hell -- the cops named the newborn after the street where she was dumped by a person authorities presume was her own mother.

Thompson says Baby Kathleen was found about 3:30 yesterday afternoon in front of a home in the 900 block of West Kathleen Road -- near Greenway Parkway and 7th Avenue.

The baby was found wrapped in a blanket about 25 feet from the front door of the home.

The home's resident told police she found the newborn when she'd returned from running errands.

Thompson says the baby appears to have been born just a few hours before she was found -- the umbilical cord was still attached, and there was some afterbirth on her.

The baby was brought to a nearby hospital, where she appears to be doing well, Thompson says.

Since news of Baby Kathleen's abandonment hit the web yesterday afternoon, police have received several tips about the presumed mother.

Thompson says several witnesses saw a woman walking in the area who was "very pregnant," and apparently "in distress."

She's described as Hispanic, 17-24 years old, about 5-foot-3, with dark hair. Witnesses say she was wearing a white, spaghetti-strap shirt, and blue or gray pants. She has a noticeable tattoo on her right bicep that may be a red floral design.

Thompson says police are concerned for the mother's health, as well.

Anyone with information about the baby or her mother is asked to call Phoenix police at 602-262-6141, or Silent Witness at 1-800-WITNESS.

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