Feathered Bastard

Newsaxon.com, the neo-Nazi MySpace, tries to block us, but we will not be denied their naughty white power wenches...

Come on, Newsaxonites, let's hug it out!

Well, seems the neo-Nazi numbnuts at Newsaxon.com, aka the racist MySpace, have blocked New Times' IP address from accessing their site ever since Wednesday, when I posted the item " Newsaxon.com, the neo-Nazi MySpace, with hot racist chicks galore." What, are the skinheads pissed by a little exposure? Do they know who Joseph Goebbles is? I betcha the Fuhrer's Propaganda Minister wouldn't have turned his nostrils up at some free pub back in the day.

Plus, haven't these fascist fuckwads heard about proxy sites? Hello! Every 6th grader worth his or her salt knows there are an ass-load of such browsers that allow you to surf the Web anonymously. To prove as much, I've culled a few more white power wenches from Newsaxon.com's loonybin litter. Sadly, none of the neo-Nazi honeys on Newsaxon.com are done up like Ilsa the She-Wolf, with shiny jackboots and whip in hand, but your imagination can provide the requisite accessories: Luger, swastika armband, SS cap, etc.

Thing is, these KKK kittens actually take this wack-ass white supremacist shit seriously. Quite depressing the more you think about it. In any case, here be some examples, with exerpts from their extremist postings. I posited this ethical dilemma to a Jewish pal of mine: If the price of getting with one of these bitches was donning a Brownshirt outfit, would you do it? His answer? Uh, prolly. Which tells you a lot about the male of the species in general, ladies.

FreyjasVengeance, 29-year-old Odinist from K/W Volkstaat, Canada. Turn offs? "Liars. Miscegenation.Whites who act like white trash. [Editor's note: herself exempted, of course.] Wiggers. Whites who claim that brazilians/portuguese/persians/east indians are also white. [Huh?]"

SKiN_GiRL_88, 18-year-old from Queens. Turn offs? "DRUGS LACK 0F RESPECT B0TH SELF AND T0WARDS 0THERS. INTERRACIAL "RELATI0NSHIPS" SUBHUMAN SCUM IN GENERAL." [Well, at least she's drug-free.]

Never12lose, a 20-year-old from Brentwood, California [read, rich bitch]. Favorite books: "Mein Kampf (of course), The Prince, The Divine Comedy, im reading the Antichrist and Will to Power is next on my list."

Idun28, 18-years-old, from Stockholm, Sweden. Turn ons: "White men with tattoos and piercings.Guys who can fix things. And know how to take care of a good woman." Turn offs: "Non-white ppl. Snob bitches.Guys who beat girls. Fucking cowards ! And ppl with no moral,cheating! [Someone must've broken her rancid little heart.] God damn stay true to ur partner and live for the 14 words."

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