Nik Richie's "Wife," Shayne Lamas, Admits She's Not In Love With Him; That Kinda Talk Could Get Someone's Mug on The Dirty

If the slogan for Las Vegas was changed to "what happens in Vegas could leave you married to Nik Richie," most people would probably think twice before heading to Sin City.

Unfortunately for reality TV star Shayne Lamas, there is no such disclaimer, and as a result, she's now Mrs. Hooman Karamian (the name Richie's mama gave him).

As we reported yesterday, Lamas and Richie tied the knot in Vegas over the weekend after a  24-hour courtship.

By "courtship," we mean they knew each other for all of 24 hours before getting hitched.

Today, there is video of Richie's not-so-beaming bride saying that while she doesn't regret getting married, she's not in love with Richie.

TMZ caught up with Lamas at a Los Angeles airport yesterday and asked her if the marriage was a publicity stunt.

"I wouldn't get married to a man for a publicity stunt," she says.

She then goes on to admit that the two aren't actually in love

"We're not in love, we're in love with being in like with each other," Lamas says.

Sixth-grade called -- it wants its terminology back.

After explaining that she actually knew Richie's name, Lamas went on to tell the TMZ photog that the pair had a fairly unique relationship.

"We're doing it backwards...we're getting married, and then we're dating, so nothing could go wrong," Lamas says.

Of course not.

Check out the full video by clicking here.
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