No Shocker Here: Terry Goddard Demands More Debates; Also, Brewer Declares Debate was Not Her "Finest Hour" -- No Duh

Now that Jan Brewer's proven herself a space-case of a public speaker, her Democratic competitor, Terry Goddard, is renewing his call for a whole series of debates.

The milqetoast candidate, son of former Arizona governor Sam Goddard, would just love watching a repeat or two of last night's gaffe, we're sure. The video of Brewer's senior moment has already become the day's global, failblog.org-esque charmer on the Internet.

"It is our responsibility to give clear information..." Goddard opines in his letter today calling for the debate series. We figure that partial quote says all that he really needed to say.

Meanwhile, Governor Brewer took to the radio this morning to confess that the debate was not her "finest hour."

"It was the longest 16 seconds of my life. But, I'm human, I'm human," she told KTAR (92.3 FM) listeners.

Judging by the Internet article on KTAR's Web site about her interview this morning, the radio program wasn't her finest hour, either:

The difference between her and Goddard, Brewer said, is "I've done something. Terry hasn't did anything. He can talk all he wants, but he doesn't have a record."

"Hasn't did?" This woman makes Sarah Palin sound like Cicero.

Need we add that she's already ruled out attending any more debates?

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