No Work Today at New MCSO Headquarters Due to Bomb Inside, Graffiti Claims

Sorry, construction workers -- despite what you may have read on the side of the pricey new headquarters for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, you will not be getting the day off due to a bomb inside the building.

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This new building near Sixth Avenue and Jackson is under construction, as you can see in the photo below (taken this morning), and according to an MCSO spokesman, bomb-sniffing dogs "hit" on a lunchbox on the second floor of the building, after the graffiti was discovered this morning.

According to MCSO, the lunch box just had safety glasses and some water, which either means the dogs aren't very good at sniffing out bombs or the Sheriff's Office is leaving out the part about the salami sandwich.

Other graffiti on the wall included the phrases, "Happy May Day" and, "Stop building prisons for other workers," which Arpaio's media-spin committee says is apparently "an anti-illegal immigration message aimed at Sheriff Arpaio's workplace investigations, which have resulted in numerous arrests of illegal immigrants who have used false IDs to get employment."

Still, there's no bomb, and construction workers were already back at work this morning.

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