Jan at her inauguration
Jan at her inauguration

Now That She's a Candidate, Governor Jan Brewer's Hittin' the Town

Now that Jan Brewer is officially a candidate for the state's top spot, the unelected governor seems to realize that she can't hide in her office anymore.

Brewer announced her intentions to run last week and has nine public appearances on the books this week.

Nine appearances in one week is the most she's had since she became governor in January, and just shy of the 12 she's made in the last month

Today, the governor will be participating in the Veterans Day parade in Phoenix, and then she'll ham it up with some vets at a barbecue at the State Veterans Home.

So far this week, the governor has already held a bill-signing ceremony, dedicated a hospital, and visited Bishop's Storehouse in Mesa.

Tomorrow, Brewer is scheduled to give three speeches and another on Friday.

Brewer claims the appearances are not related to her campaign and tells Capitol Media Services she is simply feeling "freer"

"I've been nose-down for a long period of time, working on the budget," she tells CMS.

That budget (by the way) that she has been "nose-down" in still hasn't passed and is now about four months overdue.


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