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Nude Person This Morning at Phoenix's "Release the Fear" Sculpture

We stopped at a  red light at Central a few hours ago, ready to turn left onto Roosevelt. People who live or work in downtown Phoenix know the quirky little park at that busy intersection.

Central and Roosevelt, 9 a.m.

​ It's the location of that magnificent 24-foot-tall metal sculpture of a "man" raising his arms to the skies.

The work of local artist Robert John Miley was installed circa 2005, and is entitled "Release the Fear."

It was created in part from 8,000 pounds of metal melted down from weapons used in myriad violent acts around the state of Arizona (law enforcement "donated" the guns, etc.).


f you can make out the person standing in repose next to the base of the sculpture, you will see what we saw from our car--a naked person of indeterminate gender.

It was a surreal moment, for sure.

Passersby stopped in their tracks, trying to keep their cool, but not altogether succeeding.

Other than being stark naked at a busy city intersection, the person wasn't bothering anyone.

We noted that our nude friend was reading the sculpture's "mission statement" as we made the turn onto Roosevelt.

The artist's goal: "To release the paralyzing effect of violence in our communities by promoting healthy resolution of conflict utilyzing the healing power of education through art."

We called the Phoenix cops when we got into the office to see what may have happened after we left the area--no reply as of yet.

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