Obama: Country Needs to Boost Border Security and "Clarify" Status of Millions of Illegal Immigrants

President Obama seemed to express support for major immigration reform during a speech at the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. this morning, promising better border security and a form of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Obama says, "we're taking steps to strengthen border security, and we must build on those efforts. We must also clarify the status of millions who are here illegally, many who have put down roots."

Where does Obama dig up phrases like, "clarify the status," anyway? Sounds like the new administration left Bush's copy of Microsoft U-Phemism Pro on White House computers.

Forget the part about border security -- that only means they'll catch a few more border runners. But the amnesty part is easy. It just takes the stroke of a pen. Suddenly, no more crying 9-year-olds. No more American caste system.

Which is all well and good, but what will that do to the economy?

Click here for text of speech.

Esperanza, according to its Web site,

is one of the largest Hispanic Faith-Based Evangelical networks in the United States. With a national network of 12,000 faith and community-based agencies, Esperanza is one of the leading voices for Hispanics in America.

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