Obama on Noggin Channel for Kids is No April Fool's Day Joke

Cable's Nickelodeon Channel suddenly turned political before last year's election, and its spin-off channel for pre-schoolers, Noggin, featured Obama spots for Black History Month.

But now it's April, and blatant Obama propaganda is still being run on Noggin, as we saw this morning. Here are the words to the short cartoon in the above link:

Barack Obama is the first African-American to be President.

That is what's called a historic event.

Leading a country is no easy task. So what does he do to relax you may ask?

He loves shrimp linguini and the chili he cooks.

He also plays Scrabble; collects comic books.

He likes classical and hip hop and jazz music too.

He always goes shopping for the same type of shoe!

He reads lots of books and writes wonderful speeches.

He goes on vacation and takes walks on beaches.

He loves basketball; it's his favorite sport.

In the White House backyard he'll have his own court.

He reads bedtime stories to his daughters at night.

The president in pajamas, what a sight!

Now you know the president better than before.

Which leaves just one thing:

When he sleeps does he snore?

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