Obama Rockets Ahead In New Hampshire Polls, Expect Long Lines At the Election Booths, McCain Arrives In Phoenix

By Ray Stern

He's already a winner: Obama rockets ahead in super-early voting in two New Hampshire towns. Early bird reporters see long lines at election booths. McCain arrives home to face gloomy election day prospects, but fires up crowds at midnight rally in Prescott. Coffee and ice cream for voters – unless some legal beagle spoils the party. A reporter on scene in Arizona from Toronto, Canada's Globe and Mail writes that the close race in Arizona is “the ultimate symbol of a campaign gone wrong.” The Arizona Republic reports that a survey shows business owners in the Valley strongly support McCain – a completely unscientific survey, that is. Opening for the new marina at Lake Pleasant stalled by molasses of county bureaucracy. A 16-year-old girl from Arizona was taken to Nebraska by her mother and turned in to authorities under that state’s safe-haven law. In Japan, researchers say they’ve made clones from dead, frozen mice, supposedly meaning that prehistoric animals at the zoo might not be so far-fetched, after all.

Obama big winner in NH towns

Long lines at local election stations

McCain arrives home to enthusiastic midnight rally in Prescott

Starbucks voting-related promo prompts legal questions

Canadian paper reports on McCain’s close race in Arizona

Unscientific survey shows business owners favor McCain

Scorpion Bay marina opening delayed again

Arizona teen turned in to Nebraska under state’s safe-haven law

Scientists make clones from long-dead, frozen mice

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