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Obamacare Enrollment in Arizona Up by More Than 2,800 in Second Month

More than 2,800 Arizonans picked out a health insurance plan last month through the federal marketplace established by Obamacare.

In October, the first month the marketplace became available, just 739 Arizonans picked a plan, although well-publicized troubles with the healthcare.gov website kept people from completing the entire process.

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Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services show that the national enrollment figures still are well behind the goals, even though the website's now supposedly functional.

With 3,601 Arizonans in total picking an insurance through plan the Obamacare marketplace, that obviously still leaves many, many people in the state uninsured.

In fact, the HHS stats show that nearly 70,000 people in the state applied for a plan -- more than half of those applications being made in November -- and more than 42,000 were determined to be eligible. Another 16,680 Arizonans were found to be eligible for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Still, even with eligibility for more than 42,000 Arizonans, only a little more than 8 percent actually made it through the entire process and picked a plan.

Nationally, more than 364,000 people have enrolled through the marketplace.

A footnote on the HHS stats released says the number of people who have picked plans includes people who already have paid for the first month of coverage, as well as people who haven't.

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