Occupant of Meth-tastic Apartment Sentenced to Probation After Husband Put Baby in Freezer

A Chandler woman, now-infamous for occupying one of the meth-ier apartments on record -- in which her methed-up husband put their 7-month-old baby in the freezer -- copped a plea deal this morning that will keep her out of the clink.

Leann Kracke pled guilty this morning to two counts of child abuse, and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. In exchange for the guilty pleas, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael Kemp sentenced Kracke to lifetime probation for the child abuse charges, and three years probation for the drug paraphernalia.

The charges stem from an August 16, incident, in which her husband, Chance Kracke -- in a meth-induced haze -- put the 7-month-old in the freezer while he made a snack. Luckily, the baby survived.

Chance Kracke opted to put the baby in the freezer because, as he later told police, the floor of the couple's apartment was too disgusting for a baby. However, New Times acquired court documents that show after Kracke removed the baby from the freezer, he put the child on the grotesque floor, anyway.

The Kracke's floor, while revolting, was not the grossest thing about their apartment -- as we noted in a post entitled "Five Meth-iest Things About the Apartment of Guy Accused of Putting Baby in Freezer."

Click here for a link to our list. Some of the highlights can be seen below:

5) "Hundreds" of cockroaches:

Nothing gives the impression of genuine, meth-related filth than cockroaches. According to the court docs, there were cockroaches "in the hundreds" in the Kracke's apartment -- most of which were located in the kitchen, where Kracke put the baby on the floor.

4) A rusty razor blade:

Nothing screams drug use like the presence of a razor blade on a coffee table in a disgusting apartment occupied by admitted meth addicts -- and the rustier the better. It's just an indication as to the level of commitment the user of the razor has to his or her drug of choice -- the thinking being: Why buy new razor blades to chop up meth when you could spend that money on more meth? The rusty razor blade found in the Kracke's home was on an end table in reach of both children.

3) Urine and feces. Everywhere.

In the depths of a meth binge, why bother hitting up a toilet when there's a perfectly good floor right at your disposal? Police found both urine and feces on the floor in the

Kracke's house. They haven't determined whether it was from a human or whether it was from the couple's dog, which raises the question: When it's apparent you can barely take care of yourself, why bring an animal into the situation?

2) A broken, glass entertainment center that shattered when homeowner kicked his dog into it.

Broken glass is a must in the home of any true meth-head, and it was in abundance at the home of the Krackes. Most notably, a glass entertainment center that was broken when Chance Kracke admittedly kicked his dog into it. The broken glass was within reach of both of the Kracke's children, court docs claim.

1) Meth, obviously.

You can't have a filthy, depraved meth den without the obvious: meth. Cops found two glass pipes, on which there was meth residue. The pipes, shockingly, were not within reach of the pair's two children; rather, they were safely stored on the top shelf in the closet of the Krackes' master bedroom.

*Some of the more disgusting trinkets found in the couple's home, which didn't make the list because it's more just trashy than it is meth-y, is a collection of several open bottles of chewing tobacco spit that littered the apartment. The bottles, Leann Kracke admitted to police, were hers -- not her husbands -- and were also in reach of the kids.

Chance Kracke is scheduled to be sentenced for putting his baby in the freezer on February 8.

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