Officer Struck by Wine Bottle in the Head, Shoots Man in Hand

Outside of Tempe's House of Tricks restaurant early Monday morning, police shot a man in the hand who allegedly hurled a wine bottle at an officer, the Tempe PD says. 

Around 3:45 a.m., a Tempe PD sergeant arrived at the restaurant because a man -- whose name has not been released -- reportedly was throwing things, yelling, and breaking glass. When the officer approached the man, he start advanced on the officer and threw things at him.

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"At least one wine bottle was thrown, striking the officer in the head," says Tempe PD spokeswoman Molly Enright.

After being hit in the head by the flying bottle, the officer shot the man in the hand. 

Firefighters treated the man, who police say struggled and spat on emergency responders while being taken to the hospital. 

Police haven't released much more information, but they say that a police dog cut its paw on some of the broken glass near the restaurant. 

Not to worry, "The K9 officer was treated at the vet hospital and is expected to fully recover."

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