Official State Gun: Arizona's One Step Closer (Sigh)

A bill that could potentially make Arizona the first state in the entire country to have an official "state gun" is one step closer to becoming law (that sound you just heard is the collective chuckle of the rest of the country).

As we noted yesterday, more than 40 Arizona state legislators have signed on to a bill that would make the Colt single-action Army revolver the official state firearm. Early this morning, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 9-4 to advance the measure to a full Senate vote.

No other state in the entire country has an official "state gun." Utah is the only other state to consider such a useless piece of legislation, and recently proposed a similar bill that is currently working its way through the state's Legislature.

The bill is sponsored by all the usual suspects -- Russell Pearce, Judy Burgess, and the rest of the crazies -- in the Legislature that seem to be hell-bent on making Arizona the laughing stock of the entire country. See all their names here.

Yesterday, we outlined why having an official "state gun" is a stupid idea for Arizona. See our arguments here.

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